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Healthy teeth are more important to your overall health than many may realize. At West Side Dental, our dental clinic offers a range of dental services to our patients throughout the Niagara region, from regular cleanings to restorative procedures such as crowns, root canals, and more. We take care of most dental emergencies. View images in our gallery to see how we create beautiful smiles (images and work courtesy of Dr. Zhou).


Individual results may vary depending on a number of factors, please consult with your dentist.

Full mouth reconstruction with porcelain crowns and implants

Gaps closed off with porcelain veneers

Same day restorations of fractured teeth

Before and after treatment for receding gums and exposed roots

Full Mouth reconstruction with porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges.

Before and after treatment of receding gums

Restoration of chipped, discoloured teeth

Missing front teeth replaced and restored with implants

Implant supported fixed dentures

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